White Lichens

Went back into fields (weary of prodding around water risking gear and my butt) where I have not been for 20 years. There was a small tree farm , now some mostly dead pines with white lichen growing diffusely. Plan on doing a series of this site.

Specific Feedback Requested

Comp and processing

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
200mm f/11 1/15 sec iso 400


Looks like a great place to explore and this is an intriguing start. I’m also drawn to contrasts like this. The spiky dry branches and that spear of lush green. The contrast is a tiny bit much IMO, but I understand wanting to boost the drama. Maybe tone down just the highlights a little. The shadows are doing their thing just fine I think. Well seen!

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I like this image a lot. The contrast between the dead trunks and branches, and the green leaves as a backdrop are very good. Also the composition works fine.

It seems to be a good place for making stunning images, looking forward to the future postings.

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Mario, I like the composition very much. You were able to pull a little order out of chaos. I agree with Kris about toning down the highlights just a tad. This is a great candidate for B&W too.

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Really nice Mario, it’s decay and growth all wrapped up into one image. The dead trees are nice, and would make for some good B&W images as tree portraits. But for me what makes this image work is the green ivy, which creates the decay/growth story. I think the composition works very well, good spacing of the trees and nice dark areas in all four corners. Very well done.

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This would have been a fine image with just the composition but the green really adds a lot. I’ve never made an image using this concept but I do like it. Isn’t there a term for an image that’s essentially colorless except for a single color somewhere? Japanese art seems to use this concept a lot but with high toned paintings. This is different in that sense.

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Great composition here Mario… really creative take on a quite challenging subject: woodland / trees. The texture and patterns of the grey branches stands on it’s own anyway, but the addition of that small green line of live leaves makes all the difference and really allows your composition to take off. Kudos :clap:

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@Kris_Smith @David_Bostock @Ola_Jovall @Nikos @Igor_Doncov @Ed_McGuirk thank you all for the comments and compliments. I plan on going back there.

Really like this, Mario. I think the greenery really makes this shine! lovely find. No nits from me.