White-throated Dipper

I am always impress at how dippers manage to stand is this fast flowing waters. Our European species is always a bit hard to exposed, due to the white belly and throat (except when the weather is overcast). Zooming in I can still see some detail in the lightest part, but it’s hardly discernible. That said, I was happy with this pose, as most of the time they are bent-over in search for food.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Nikon Z9 | 1/1000s | f4 | ISO1250 | underexposed 2/3EV | tripod from temporary blind

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Nice one! I’ve seen these guys both in rivers and in the Pacific ocean and yeah, they must have super grippy feet to hang on so well. Super light. The frozen water gives this a sense of energy and movement even though the bird is in a fairly static pose. Not sure I love the way the background goes through the head and neck, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid when you get down this low, which is the way to go for maximum engagement. You even got a little catchlight and airborne water drops. Bravo!

Nice job, Hans. I can see how this would be a tough exposure, especially since you have light reflected from the water. Ours are all a dark gray, but you still end up with the bright water highlights where they like to live. I like the pose and your usual low angle.

Wonderful separation with the f/4 aperture, Hans. I also really like the low angle shot. Even with the bird. Well done.

I like the pose and your usual low angle . I like the bubbly water around the dipper and the color of the water. The specular highlights in the foreground tend to draw my eye.

he pose is very nice and I might be inclined to drop the saturation of the blues down slightly (not a deal breaker though!). The details on the dipper are spot on and overall I would be very happy with this image. They are very challenging to capture. Awesome photo…Jim

ps. Please message me about how you like your Z9.

Hi Hans
This my first look at a White-throated Dipper. I can see how the white and brown feather, make photographing a Dipper challenging. The only thing I would work on are the two white lens flares in the lower frame. Great low angle.

Very interesting subject Hans and you captured it in its environment quite wonderfully. I like the pose with an engaging look at the head even with the bird angled away from us. I also would look to remove the highlights on the bottom of the image. Well done.