I photographed this wood in the winter of 2017. It was a not particularly beautiful period of my life, but photography helped me a lot to find serenity. I am very jealous of this image, because the wood in question no longer exists and the trees have been cut to make room for some crops. I find myself, like everyone else, even now in a difficult period, and not being able to use photography as a creative valve, I observe my old works traveling in memories.


Beautiful image. Sad that the grove is gone, but at least you have memorialized it in your image.

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This is so beautiful! What a shame it is no longer there.

A most beautiful memory, Antonio !

Thank you guys. I glad your like

This is gorgeous Antonio! I really like all the fine detail and subtle yellowish/orange color of the bark! Well done!

Thank you Keith, most gentle

First, the image is gorgeous; dripping with creative, artistic melody.

To your quote - I too am able to travel down memory lane through my own images. So much so, that the photographs ARE exactly why I have a memory of a time or place. Without the photographs, I remember so much less. And to a similar extent, I view music in much the same way. Songs bring back clear memories for me.

Love the image, too bad the forest is no more. Interesting too, in that I was just processing an image where an old oak I had photographed some 30 years prior, has long since succumbed to age and probably cut-up and re-used for custom furniture, cabinets or firewood…

thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Thank you very much for your nice words and for your beautiful speech. These woods will always remain etched in my soul.

What a beautiful and delicate IMage. Very sad that they are gone but you did well to capture them at a time that you needed something inspiring and beautiful in your life. The white border really brings out the soft colors in this and the background trees make the yellow trees really stand out. Well done Antonio. I’m a huge fan of your tree images.

Thank u very much David, happy with these beautiful words