Wild Grapes

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A fascinating composition with unusual colors. I find the dark area UL a bit of a distraction. What is the plant. The colors almost seem to be over satruated.

Hi Skip, These “wild grapes” grow naturally in the Maryland landscape and elsewhere, I believe. I didn’t do anything to increase the saturation, it is their natural color. They grow in clusters somewhat spread out so a shot with just the grape clump was not available. Birds eat the grapes fast so the opportunity for a shot is limited. A vignette was applied to get rid of some of the clutter. My reason for the shot was the palate of colors available.

Wow. Very interesting color palette indeed. Not typical of colors seen together in nature. Very cool; thanks for sharing.

Interesting plant. One that I’ve never seen. Like the bright colors and grouping. Thanks for posting this.

Nice vivid color palette. I didn’t know wild grapes come in so many different colors. well captured. You have done well to keep the focus on the fruits.

John Wayne: Nice find and a good capture of the subject and the light. Well done. >=))>

Thank you, Bill.