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This is an image from a few years ago that I have posted before. I reprocessed the image from scratch and I am much happier with the result. I came across this coyote in Death Valley. Regrettably some of them have lost their fear of people and they let you get very close, which ultimately ends badly for the poor coyote. I realize that there are those who consider them “pests”. No animal is a pest. Non-human animals have the same rights to life and happiness as human animals do.

Zuiko Digital 35-100mm, Olympus E-5, ISO 100, 1/2000s at f/3.2

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I really like the lighting in this image and the character in the face of the animal. Where ever nature and humans collide nature always looses.

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This is a fine portrait of this coyote, Alberto. The lighting sets the fur to glowing well.

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A fine portrait with some nice details!

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Lovely, Alberto. Great eyes.

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Love it! Coyotes are old friends and I really enjoy seeing them at work. We have them in numbers on our place in the Rockies, and for the most part it’s best if they don’t know you’re on hand. Otherwise they’re gone in a flash. Our cabin is in a large clearing surrounded by brush, the closest about 100 yards away. Even knowing we’re on hand, each morning a pair will skirt the edge of the clearing, one out in the open prancing around while the other keeps pace, but skulking quietly back in the brush ready to pounce on cottontails or birds distracted by the one in plain view. Quite the system they’ve worked out, and quite effective. They seldom leave hungry.

Prolonged views such as this usually happen in the parks where they’ve mostly lost their fear of people. I HATE it when they start approaching people, a sure sign that slobs have been feeding them. Better for them to go about their lives like we’re not there at all.


Excellent Coyote portrait, Alberto! Great light and crisp details, even in the shadows.

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