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Nikon D810
Nikon 70-200


Exquisite detail Joao. The grass line severs a good anchor for the lacy puff of branches.

This is really quite brilliant. Although I know what I’m looking at, it is, for me anyway, an abstract - like a bundle of light with a low flame burning below it. The way the very vertical, pointed grasses/flame below with the subtle tinge of fiery red, contrasts and beautifully supports the swirl of light - both chaotic and ordered - is special. A marvellous piece of artistic vision.

Excellent image. The subtle light is soft and just highlights the scene nicely. Great capture and great processing. Well done.

Beautiful image! I just love all of the thin lines of the tree branches, the reeds, and the grasses. The soft light is wonderful as well and I like the square crop as it really suits this image.

What a unique image João. This is well seen and composed. When zoomed in, it looks like the willow tree is actually dead because all of the other tress are sprouting leaves. I love that the foreground plants are all pointing to the willow. And, the lighting is really what makes this so good. You only have the willow being hit by the light along with those foreground grasses leading the way to the tree. You might want to reduce the luminosity of the entire image a little bit while retaining the highlights in the willow tree branches to really make it pop. Same for the foreground grasses . Leave them glowing like they are. I don’t know if this is better or not but I made a couple of adjustments in LR. It may not work for you though. Just different. I may have gone too far. :slight_smile:

To me, the light on the willow(?) is the star here. The reeds at the bottom pointing upwards to the tree are secondary, but important. I was thinking that increasing the saturation of the reeds, but lowering their brightness plus bringing out the light on the upper part would accentuate that relationship. Here’s my thought, but it’s rather subtle. Your original is lovely as is, if that is your preference.

Thank you @Eva_McDermott , @Kerry_Gordon , @David_Bostock , @Tom_Nevesely for you comments.

That was exactly what caught my attention. I believe the “skeleton” tree is my main point here.

Thank for share your interpretation. I like what you did here.

Totally agree with you.

Thank you very much to share your interpretation. I do appreciate. I like what you did with the tree.

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I love trees and so you know this is right up my alley! Love this! I too am fascinated with “skeletal” look of trees (dead or dormant.) I also would have thought the same that this one was dead considering all the budding green surrounding.

Great composition including the reeds at the bottom. I have no nits or suggestions. This is beautiful as presented. Ok, maybe burn down the highlighted parts of the willow (11 o’clock position, roughly). Of course if this image is more about light, then it works as is. For me, this is about form and detail and the highlight area I could take or leave in terms of the light… but I may be alone on this thought… :slight_smile:

Also, enjoying the square drop. Works perfectly here.


I love the presence that this tree has. It’s both chaotic yet unified somehow. Either way, it’s arresting. I have to admit that I can’t decide whether the reeds at the bottom are better as in the original or with Bonnie’s rework. I believe the overall brightness in the original works better for me.