Winter glow

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

ISO 200 100mm f/20 1.3s
Shot on a Sony A7R3 with a 100-400mm GM

If this is a composite please be honest with your techniques and share some details so others can learn:

Single image with contrast and sharpening applied in post

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Very pleasing pastel tones which seem to synergize with the softened water. Lovely work!

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Looks great, Nathan. The gentle, inviting colors in the sky and reflection match very well with the smoothed water. The rocks are well placed in the frame.

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Thanks mark and Kah. On another note I wasn’t able to create a new region when posting this photo from the iOS app. I chose pacific islands as a region as that was the closest available to Australia. Any suggestions on how to create new regions?

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Only David K. can create new tags (regions). You might message him to get Australia “put on the map”. :wink:

Thanks mate