Winter Rime

This is a second image from a cold and foggy day that left the trees covered in rime ice.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5DM4 Iso 200: 22mm: f/8.0: 1/100 sec

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John, I like this shot of the woods. The rust colored leaves on the left as well as deeper in the the center give a nice cast of subtle color. The large limb leads to the snowy path on the right. Well seen.

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Love these sprawling branches. You’ve got a winning composition here. The tree looks almost animated.

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In addition to the fulll composition, you also have other tighter opporunities. Certainly the left side could stand on its own, without the road leading away from its intricacies. For me, the lower right side is also enchanting. I popped saturation a bit to enhance the twig color.


I really love this. Snowy woods are such a glory to be in, aren’t they? And those limbs! Wow. Must have been a crowded area when it was first growing and having to stretch that far. Do you have any with the path more centered in the composition? One like that would be interesting to compare with this one. Very restful and inviting.

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John, what a lovely image of these unusual conditions. The subdued color pallette is really nice. Many people think of trees as “vertical” subjects, but this tree was just made for a horizontal composition. My only nitpick is the near merger of the horizontal branch with the top frame edge, it feels a bit tight to me. I would suggest a crop from the top, something similar to, but slightly different than the one proposed by @Dick_Knudson in his rework. Here is a rework with my spin on it…

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What a gorgeous scene with lovely details! I don’t mind the top branch as it acts as a frame. Looks like a vertical branch was growing out of it – maybe it could be cloned and a little room added at the top? I love the left edge as shot, but could wish for just a bit more on the right – but probably a good reason it isn’t there. The path is very inviting!

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This is such a great scene, John. Beautiful colors and an excellent concept, but it looks overly constricted to me. I think this may be an excellent scene to remember the best zoom (or un-zoom) is your feet. I wish you had backed up a good 5-10 feet and shot the same scene. That would have left that upper branch/limb that @Ed_McGuirk mentioned with plenty of room, and it would have also left additional breathing room for the road to become a more important element plus added a tiny bit of breathing room to the left of the tree. As pretty as this is, it appears a little like you tried to put 7 pounds of image in a 5 pound rectangle. I also though the white point was a little low, but that may have been your intention. I did play with it and raised the white point and added a little sharpening.