Winter Shadows 3

I believe I am getting obsessed with trying to capture these beautiful shadows in the snow. I particularly liked the tension between them and the serenity of the vegetation and background in this image…

Specific Feedback Requested

Composition and processing

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70-200 f/4 at 70 mm, f/14, iso 100 @ 1/320

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What I find interesting is how dark the shadows are at the bottom compared to the rest of the image. I quite like it. I tried raising that shadow a bit and found it made the bush more prominent. I liked it too but in a different way.

Thank you for the comment Igor. I also raised the shadows some in this version. The contrast is what attracted me to the spot.


I really like your processing of this scene. I also like the idea of negative space, but I am struggling with the amount included. I tried a crop from the left and did not think it was an improvement. I think the issue for me is the lack of room from the right clump of grass to the right edge of frame that is creating the visual tension.

Alan thank you for the feedback. I also had a version with the right grasses cropped out . Maybe this works better?

I do prefer the reposted version, thanks for giving it a try.

I’m coming in late here, but I like the rework. I think it achieves a degree of simplification that further accentuates the play on negative space that you were going for. It also makes the lone bush more prominent, making it a much stronger element within the image.

Thank you Ed. One of the things I often struggle with is eliminating and simplifying an image. I believe I need to spend more time on deciding what the focus of the image should be before I shoot.

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