Winter Sunrise Otter Cliffs

If you were at this location in Acadia National Park in the summer or mid-October, there would likely be so many photographers and tourists at this location that you might have a difficult time finding room to set up and take an image here. But if you visit this place in the dead of winter, not only would a fresh coating of snow add some extra vitality to this scene, but chances are you would find yourself all alone while appreciating the beauty of winter along the Maine seacoast.

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Looks sweet, Ed. And nothing like peace and quiet and being on your own in a beautiful spot.

Ed, this is a gorgeous shot from Cobble Beach looking out toward Otter Cliffs. I am thoroughly enjoying the snow covered cobblestones along with the sunstar and cloud filled sky. Nothing like some cold and snow to keep the crowds down. :grinning:

You don’t see many images of this place in winter. This is a really beautiful scene Ed.

That’s the best reason to go to Acadia at this time of year, even though the wind off the ocean can be brutal. It puts a whole different spin on tripod hole locations like this one.

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A real winner. It’s those repeating sunlit edges on the rocks that make this special for me. Well seen.

Thank you @Igor_Doncov, I deliberately kept the sunlit Otter Cliff itself very small in the composition because I knew the backlit snow on the cobble rocks was the real star of the show on this morning.

I was thinking about the innumerable reflections on the cobbles when I came across Igor’s comment. I’ll just add that you balanced the bright reflections with the shaded sides very well, it feels very natural. And I know what you mean about avoiding crowds…

Superlative in so many respects, Ed. I’d love to have such beauty surrounding me, but winter in that region is just too cold for my Southern bones. Great sun star and all the rest are just where they should be in the comp.

I think the Sun Star is subtle and exceptional and nice light on the whole scene.
It does need CCW rotation, my only real critique.

@Alberto_Patino-Douce, @Bill_Leggett, @Dan_Kearl, thank you for your comment’s I appreciate your thoughts and input. @Dan_Kearl, perceiving the horizon gets tricky here because the cliffs lean, but I will go back to double check it.

@Bill_Leggett, “winter in that region is too cold for my southern bones” :cold_face:
I fully understand where you are coming from. I’m retired, but have no desire to leave a place with 4 real seasons for sunnier, warmer climes like yours. Maybe I’m just crazy…

Great image Ed! I love the park in the winter - Especially during the big storms, which we unfortunately have had none of this year. Its not often that you get nice snow capped boulders on boulder beach along with a nice sunrise!

Nice Image Ed !

One of the biggest challenges with making this images is lugging all your gear and your body down the 25’ drop on that gutted out path from the access road in the dark without killing yourself. I bring my own rope now.

If anyone gets out there during Milky Way Season, keep in mind that you can position yourself so the point will lie just under the Milky Way. (check tides and temps! ).

If the park closes the access roads, this is one of the few places you can get to on regular state roads (Otter Cliff Road which T’s into Loop)

For planning I use N44° 18.853’ W68° 11.420’

Nicely done! That is one of the best spots of Acadia. And I imagine that when it snows like that, that you have that spot all to yourself. Must have been quite the experience seeing that sunrise and feeling the warmth of it.