Wintering Black Oaks, Yosemite

Tired of oak trees in Yosemite yet? :roll_eyes: Thought I would take break from the snow stormy images. This was captured actually afternoon before my previous images with the falling snow. Here, there’s just some remnants of the previous storm that I though highlighted the branches nicely.

Some of you may recognize these trees as I’ve photographed and posted these trees many times. Not sure why, but I never tire of this view and set up.

As always, all comments, critiques and suggestions welcome.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Processing, colors etc. The black oak leaves are probably more brown than I’ve represented here. Still look ok, realistic?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I’m wondering if a tighter square crop would be better? or just different as an alternate view?

Any pertinent technical details:

Nikon D800E, Tamron 70-200/2.8 @155mm f/11 iso 200

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Lon, you have posted these trees before? They don’t look familiar. Hahahaha! Yah, I have seen these once or twice. Another beautiful look at them though. Nice changing seasons look even though the seasons have long since changed. The red oak leaves really pop out nicely and the snow covered trunks look good too.

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Lon, thanks for posting this beautiful scene! It is new for me and I am very much enjoying the snow, colorful leaves and graceful arc of the trunks. I looked at other crops but do not have any suggestions that really help. My only nit is my eyes keep grabbing the patch of leaves in the LRC in front of the trunks. Probably just me.

Yes, I’ve seen this many times. But each is a little different. Here I like the intricacy of those delicate lines and and colors. The snow nicely accentuates the branches as well. The dark forest green works well with the color of those leaves.

Lon, I don’t tire of this view either! The colors work really nice for me as you have them. I would guess the oak leaves probably would be a little more brown but I like it like this. A 4x5 or square crop would normally look good so maybe as alternate but I would kind of hate to lose any of this as you have it.

Nice shot Lon, color of the leaves looks good to me. I might try cropping a bit off the top get rid of the empty white spaces, or not looks good as is too.

This is some real eye candy, Lon. The rust colored leaves contrast beautifully against the green lichen/moos on the trunks. I love the arching branches - they make for a strong composition. I would not suggest any cropping but maybe experiment with adding a vignette to address those brighter areas up top and keep the eyes centered in the frame.

Lon, like @Dave_Dillemuth, i too love the contrast of the rust colored leaves and the green moss. To me the composition is right on the money, and don’t see any improvements from cropping. My only nit would be to increase the exposure in the darker tones in the bottom half of the image, to bring out a little more detail in the moss.

Beautiful trees! (Love the larger view.)