Winter's Bones - Winter in the Columbia River Gorge

This is looking down on a forest from the high cliffs in the Columbia River Gorge during winter. I’ve always loved this view but only felt compelled to shoot it on this day where it reminded me of microscopic textures of a fabric.

I’m often drawn to simple patterns and designs in nature and this one is fairly simple in it’s chaos… if that makes sense.

Even if it doesn’t… this is one of my favorite forest images I’ve taken. So whatever. Haha.

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@TJ_Thorne This is a great abstract shot! Love how there is some uniformity in how all trees trunks reach upright. The image almost feels like static? I’d imagine it would look great as a print from far away and as well as up close, as one can lose themselves as they step in closer to admire the details.

Any ways, great capture!

Thanks @Martin_Gonzalez! That’s one of the things I love about this photo is that it’s an organized mess… but when you get lost in it you can see the forest. Stop and smell the roses. :slight_smile: