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I’m going through and deleting most of the images from our last mostly unsuccessful trip to West Virginia. Want an opinion on this one. It was very overcast so it resulted in a rather flat and monotone image. I tried boosting it a little with some curves adjustments. I feel it would have been successful with some nice blue reflected light on the BG hillside. What say you, trash?

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Is this a composite: No

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Doesn’t seem worthy of deleting to me. I think you achieved good separation between the snow covered trees in the FG and the darker BG. Well suited for monotone. The clearer pines in the URC drew my eye a bit. But overall I like it.

Hi Michael, I really love the background trees. I like the front trees covered with snow as well, but I just tried cropping to show the BG better, I think it looks kind of abstract and just like a really neat black and white photo. Just my opinion, but I think it’s a beautiful image of some amazing scenery! Great capture!

I would do some aggressive cropping. If you’re not OK with losing half of you image than I would trash it. But it’s a personal choice. Everyone has a different standard on what’s good enough. It’s hard for us to answer that question. And very few people will tell you to trash it, even if they think so.

The contrast between the snowy trees in the foreground with the hazy background is lovely. I rather like Vanessa’s crop, which emphasizes and balances the gorgeous background with the top of the snowy tree.

I’d say I like the composition as presented, and I like the arrangement of the three primary trees. I’d also say that your instincts about wanting some blue light in the background are right on the money. Here is a rework where I cool toned the background, and in addition cloned away the tree in the ULC.

And here is another interpretation

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I think @Ed_McGuirk 's first rework works rather well for me. Great tree nicely set off against the background. I say keep it.

This is a keeper for me - especially with @Ed_McGuirk suggestion.
Lovely light.

Ed’s second version works for me. I’m glad you shared and didn’t pitch it in the trash.

This is what I had in mind:

Thanks @Adam_Bolyard , @Kris_Smith , @Vanessa_Hill , @Harley_Goldman , @Igor_Doncov , @joaoquintela , @Bonnie_Lampley , @Ed_McGuirk , for taking the time to comment and do the reworks. Much to ponder.

Definitely a keeper for me, but I would go with Vanessa’s & Igor’s crop ideas. Of the two, I prefer Vanessa’s crop best because I love the look of the BG trees.

Stunning background! I also like the crops by Igor and Vanessa, and prefer it without the blue cast in the background. I’d put that on my wall, not in the trash:)

It’s definitely a keeper for me, Mike. The only reason I am not happy with my version is that is is slightly soft due to the focus being off on the 80-200. I usually prefer horizontal versions, but in this case I clearly prefer the vertical because the FG trees contrast beautifully with the darker BG canyon wall. I also like @Ed_McGuirk 's couple of small tweaks.