Yellowstone Winter Tour

I just had two spots open up on my January Yellowstone tour!

This tour will split time between the park interior—accessed on a privately-chartered snow coach—and the northern range. We’ll photograph a mix of wildlife and scenery (wildlife is less active in the interior, but the scenery is more photogenic, while the northern range is richer in animal activity).

Potential wildlife subjects include bison, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, coyotes, foxes, eagles, and more. We’ll of course also be on the lookout for more elusive winter species such as wolves, otters, weasels, marten, and owls… you never know what Yellowstone will offer up!

This trip is limited to only 4 guests. If you’re interested in joining us, you can learn more here.

And for those wondering, I am asking guests to take a COVID test in the days prior to arrival and to provide proof of a negative result. We will also be taking extra precautions throughout the trip to help promote a safe environment for all participants.