I’ve always been attracted to triptychs so when I was last at the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park (in October 2019) I made sure to shoot enough images that were similar enough and yet different enough that I could then combine them in a pleasing way.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5DII, Tamron 100-400mm lens at 400mm, 1/1000sec, f/6.3


Oh my. These are so beautiful. They look as though they are from another planet, or how artists render another planet to be. The colors are wild and magnificent. I’m not a triptych kind of person so I compare each image to the other. My favorite is either the middle one or the bottom one. Well, they’re all really good. I suppose you need a long lens because they don’t let you get very close.

Beautiful. As @Igor_Doncov already said, the colours are, indeed, “wild and magnificent”. My only suggestion would be to create the triptych by setting them side by side (top one starting on the left) instead of stacking them. I think they would read better with the left and right containing the centre. But honestly, Tom, these are gorgeous!

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These are wonderful Tom, I’m a fan of triptychs too, and I’m glad to see someone at NPN choosing to present their work this way. The abstract look and bold colors of Grand Prismatic are are perfect subject to explore as a triptych. Any one of this would be good as a standalone image, but together they are magic.

I agree with Kerry on this suggestion. Since the individual images are horizontals, I think this lends themselves to a side by side horizontal triptych, since pano images usually work well with images that have strong horizontal lines. Just my $.02, but these images are excellent no matter how you present them.

Tom, these work together very well. The vertical format is unusual for a triptych, but I do think it works well. From the reality point of view, these look oversaturated, but since you’re going artistic, the bold colors are quite eye catching. The similarity of colors but very different shapes adds to the interest. I also wonder how going to a light pastel (maybe blue?) for the surroundings would look.

Tom, a really good series and a fine choice for the triptych. I would agree about making it horizontal. I really like the abstract nature of all of them and they sure do fit well into the series. Real good work.

These are amazing images! They look like paintings! Awesome colors and as already mentioned like from another planet, but I think we say that because we tend to take our planet for granted and are continually amazed when someone like you captures an image like this to remind us that Earth is a pretty cool place!

Stunning images Tom. Each one of them is spectacular. I can’t pick a favorite but agree with the others that a horizontal approach would look best.
You really nailed the colors on these. I have shot grand prismatic springs many times and I don’t have anything to compare to these. Great work Tom.

Excellent triptych Tom. I love this!

This is a great set of abstracts Tom. I agree with some of the others on the horizontal format. I love the rich colors.

@Igor_Doncov , @Kerry_Gordon , @Ed_McGuirk , @Mark_Seaver , @Harley_Goldman , @Vanessa_Hill , @David_Haynes , @David_Bostock , @Eva_McDermott Thank you all for your kind comments.
I’ve uploaded a horizontal version since a lot of you suggested that. I also toned down the saturation a little bit because looking at it now, it looked like it was a bit too much.

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Love the repost even more!

The horizontal re-post looks looks awesome.

The horizontal triptych looks great Tom.