Young Fall Aspens

This grove of 15 - 20 year old Aspens in Yellowstone always turns a fine orange color in the fall. On a foggy, overcast day, the glow of the leaves stands out well.

(5D3, 24-105 f4 IS II @ 58 mm, 1/30 s, f/16, iso 400 tripod and polarizer)

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I really like the processing you did here, Mark. The leaves have just the right amount of luminosity and saturation to go well with the rocks. The variety of hues here from yellow to orange is really nice. I really like orange hues like this in fall images.

One of the crowing glories of the American West - and I agree, their color works best on overcast days. Lovely image.

Beautiful explosion of color, Mark!

Those orange leaves sure are beautiful, especially wet set against the green tree in the background right. There is something very special about the the fall.

Mark, nicely done here. The oranges are always an immediate eye catcher. Interesting to see you can actually date this grove. You must have seen the start up years back during your trips to your Montana home site…:sunglasses:


Some times the best option is just filling the frame with color! (or whatever the subject may be.) I also like the inclusion of the large rocks for place and grounding reference.

A nice watercolor painting Mark, very well done.

Mark, a nice blast of fall color!