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Zero is our newest Newfie pup and he’s now reached the 100 pound club. He is a very gentle dog and difficult to photograph as he likes to run up to me leaving me with not much room for a portrait with a 100mm f2.8 macro lens. I left my reading glasses in the house and thought that my aperture was set at f8. The actual aperture setting was at f18 so the exposure was taken at 1/60th of a second. It turned out OK and I decided to use Silverlight to render this one as a black and white photo. I used a dog biscuit and a squeaker to get the head tilt. I printed this one out for Jenny’s birthday card and she liked it very much. Enjoy…Jim

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Very good looking dog and excellent image of him. I love the expression.

Cute. I like the pose and look in his eyes.

Beautiful portrait! When you say:

add the black fur. Our shiny black cat is one of my biggest challenges, even though he tends to be quite good where patience towards the photographer is concerned!

Thank you all for your comments. Alberto, we have one black kitten referred to as the black mamba. An elusive critter to photograph as she does not like the camera. She is a very challenging subject, but her favorite passion is eating so I may have to set up a bait pile and a blind in our house to get a shot :rofl:…Jim

Jim, I knew from the thumbnail that this had to be a new addition for your family!
Another beautiful dog, and priceless expression captured perfectly.

Yes Sandy–Zero is here to stay. I can’t wait for his winter coat to come in for some Zero in the snow shots this Winter…Jim