Zinnia Imagined

Watched a webinar yesterday, courtesy of Sandy Richards-Brown and could not resist using a few of the techniques to do a wee bit of editing.

Any feedback fair game, done in Topaz Studio, at this point I can’t remember the exact order of changes, but I used Textures and Impression. Original photo shot at f5.6 with my D800 and 300 mm f4.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

A lovely image, Kathy. I really like how your treatment suits the tones of the flower. I do have some misgivings about the out of focus foreground flower as the pink wash it creates kind of draws my eye from the main attraction.

Good point. Thank you. It became more prominent it seemed as I progressed. It’s my lesson for the future - to deal with it in some way. Maybe lessen but expand the wash?

That might work. I could see just a faint hint of pink across the bottom.

Beautiful! The texture overlay is well done and the colors are lovely. I agree with the others that the OOF pink area is distracting. The way it heads off to frame right takes my eye out of the frame there. Perhaps you could desaturate and change the color of it to lessen the effect.

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The subject, soft colours, and framing are just lovely. The main flower is gorgeous, but I have mixed feelings about the lower wash. Just a touch would be great, but the wash is larger than the main flower and, as such, pulls my eye to and away from the bloom.
A crop up from the bottom , almost to that leaf blip on the stem would be a big improvement. Square crops are fine (and interesting) , IMO.

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Can you go back and change the opacity of the texture overlay? I am not usually a big fan of textures although I’ve a large file of textures that I usually use as backgrounds, not foregrounds. I also watched the webcast and since my screen is completely different from Hazel’s I came away with little knowledge on how to be successful doing this. I do like your subject and the background but agree that the pink on the bottom of the image is overpowering the zinnia, thus suggest lowering its opacity if possible. Hope this helps, but probably not.

Hi Patricia

That webcast was using studio , instead of using PS and texture as a standalone. It was new to me too so I decided to use it and this is the result. I have not figured out how to go back to studio to append. As it seemed in the video there are layers , every time you apply a change it seemed that is their version of layers. I start out in LR. I can go to PS and save all the layers to LR and go back to PS later and change the file and whatever layers I need, but I have not figured out how to go back if I use studio . Some googling is probably in order but have not done it yet. I just posted another and this one was strictly PS with some use of Topaz but as individual layers.
I agree re the wash but can’t yet figure out how to do it.