Zion Sunset

Nikon D750 Nikon 24-120. ISO 100, F14, 1/15

From my Zion trip this summer and one of the best sunset locations I could find in the park.

Comments and critiques please. Always trying to improve.

feedback would you like if any?

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I like the way that the bend in the virgin river leads my eye back to the Watchman. The light on the peaks is nice and you handled the high contrast well. The clear blue skies aren’t helping this scene though. I would recommend cropping some off the top to minimize the sky.

The bend in the river is nice as is the view through the BG peaks, Andrew. My only suggestion would be a crop of some of the blue sky to minimize the empty space. Nicely done.


I think you did a great job given the bluebird conditions. This is actually a bit refreshing because we rarely see images from this iconic spot where the leaves haven’t turned to autumn yet! :wink: A classic view no doubt, just like Tunnel View or the Snake River overlook… but they are so for a reason If I can insert a cliche…

Personally, I think the sky looks about as good as it can be without any other drama; and I like the blues reflecting in the river. Actually no nitpicks or suggestions.