2019 Landscape Favorites

I always enjoy doing this to recap my year. Looking back, there is nothing but gratitude for another wonderful year. I joined NPN this year and I am glad I did. I dare say there is no other place like this on the internet. This place has helped me become a better photographer. I have learned so much from all of you. So, here are some of my favorite images that I took this year. I often process/re-process photos from previous years but I do not include them in this selection. These are strictly images created this year. I have decided to go chronologically with the presentation. I still have one more trip to go this year but I guess I will just include it in the next year’s selection.

The Mountains

Peanut Butter Sandwich


The Pass of Caradhras


Light Immortal

Treegarth of Orthanc

Sunrise in a Pool


Winter Fall

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Adhika, you’ve got a fine selection of views for your year’s favorites. I’m especially attracted to the first two. The gentle colors in the sky are wonderful for setting of the wintery starkness of the rest of the scene. The lighting and textures in your sandwich again make a fine contrast between rugged and inviting.

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A fine collection, Adhika. I especially love the first two.

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While all are wonderful “The Mountains”, “Geonosis” (love the Star Wars reference) and "Winter Fall"stand out for me. Great selection.

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All of these are beautiful, Adhika. I particularly like #5 and #10, largely for the moods.

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Wonderful series of images. I’d say quite a successful 2019!

My two faves are “Peanut Butter Sandwich” and your recent “Limelight”. Of course the rest are beautiful as well.

Thanks for sharing!


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@Mark_Seaver, @Michael_Lowe, @Jim_Gavin, @Dennis_Plank, and @Lon_Overacker, thank you so much, guys. There are a few things I have planned that I didn’t get to do this year but there are also things I do not plan that turns out to be some of my fondest memories of 2019 (#4 The Pass of Caradhras is one). I am looking forward to 2020.

Beautiful collection, Adhika. My favorite is the hazy pass of Caradhras. Most definitely my kind of image.

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Thanks @Harley_Goldman. It’s hard for me to pick one, but if I have to, that one would be my pick, too. I am glad the image resonates with you.

A very nice collection of landscapes, Adhika! I think my favorites are “Peanut Butter Sandwich” and “Winter Fall”. Great job of capturing that special light in all cases!

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Thanks, @Gary_Minish. Ultimately, my goal is always to capture the light. So if the images speak to that one way or another, I am very happy to hear that.

This is a wonderful collection Adhika. Your use of light is very special in all of these images.

They are all great, but my two favorite images are Peanut Butter Sandwich and Revelation. Peanut Butter Sandwich reminds of the term “grand intimate”. This image is a grand landscape that behaves like an intimate scene with it’s strong use of color, textures and shapes. And Revelation is just a magic moment in time, it’s a simple image that speaks volumes.

Beautiful work…

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Thank you so much, @Ed_McGuirk ! The term “grand intimate” has struck a chord in me ever since you mentioned it on one of the images I posted this year. I really appreciate your help and feedback in helping me grow this year. Happy new year to you and yours!

Adhika, your collection of scenes posted here in this listing all provide a sense of peacefulness to me. Not sure if that is your intent or your work in general leans toward that feeling. The first posted image gave me immediate connection to the Owens Valley and a possibility of Moffett Ranch Road area in the eastern sierras.
Quite a substantial amount of solid keepers from 2019…best of luck in 2020 with the keeper count as well… :+1: :+1:

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Thanks for sharing your collection of fine images from 2019. All are worthy of favorites. If I had to choose(do I ?) it would be Revelation and The Mountains. Congratulations on a wonderful year!

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@Paul_Breitkreuz and @Alan_Kreyger thank you so much! The same goes for both of you, too. 2020 will be even more wonderful.

Paul, perhaps subconsciously, but I consider it a good thing. Nature has been my refuge from “the world” and I am glad that the images reflect that.

Funny, how most of these images come from the Eastern Sierra and its immediate desert areas. Only one image from Zion. But this is true for all of them: these images come from places that I have returned over and over again and am most familiar with. One of the things that I’ve learned in 2019 is how much I struggle to make an image from a new area.

Alan, imagine what I went through picking these. LOL. But, being honest with myself is part of the learning experience. :smiley: