A local shower

I posted a color version of this shower as seen from our Montana home, but thought that b&w might do a better job of showing the details in the rain cloud as well as the distant mountains both in front of the shower (right) and behind the shower (left) where the sky was clearing. As I post this, I’m wondering if more contrast in the grassy areas would be good…

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Great sky! And I would agree with your critique of your image. :smiley: I think a little more contrast in the foreground would work well. You could even bring out some more of the darker tones in the upper sky?

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I absolutely love that drama in the sky as it shows off the power that nature can send our way. I think I would add a little more contrast as you already mentioned. I also like the house as it adds a nice sense of scale to the scene.

I’m loving the fact that you continue to explore the dark side (b/w). I didn’t see the color version, but I know what it looks like. The drama displayed in this image is exceptional, Mark. The mushroom shape of the storm is perfect. I would massage the foreground for whatever you can get. Real nice image.

Mark: Would love to see this approaching from the safety of a stout shelter. Love the implied power and dramatics. :+1::+1:>=))>