Abstract Nature category Reply button missing for me

I really like the addition of this category to the site and wanted to comment on a photo submitted there, but for some reason I don’t see the ‘Reply’ button when in that category. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or have something set wrong, or ??

Hello Dan, I’m afraid you don’t have a paid membership which is required to reply in any category. You can sign up on this page: https://www.naturephotographers.network/join/

This changed a while back, due to a glitch you were still able to reply in some of the categories. Sorry for the confusion.

Oh - thought anyone with a login could post to and reply in the Showcase categories. Thanks for the quick reply.

Hi Dan,

After some thought I have reverted this back to the way it was, so you can continue posting in the showcase section again. I’m sorry for the confusion.


Hi David,

Thanks for taking the time to review this and for the action you took!