Action Wild Life Photography Is My Jam!

I am an international award-winning wild life photographer with a heavy emphasis on conservation. My intention is to see and photograph some of the world’s most critically endangered species and educate people about the significance of the natural world. I especially love the apex predators. I’m excited to be here and make life-time connections and learn more about sharing photography in a way that inspires people shoot world-class images.


Julie, welcome to NPN. What a wonderful, endearing image you shared with us. I absolutely love it.

I am sure you’ll enjoy being part of the community and I look forward to your sharing your images and experiences here. Welcome!


Thank you :grinning: I am excited to be here and jump in even though it’s a tad daunting.

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Welcome to the NPN, Julie. I look forward to learning more from your significant work on conservation and seeing your beautiful photos.

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Thank you! Excited to be here, share, learn and grow!

Welcome Julie. Glad you came along and made an introduction. Happy to have you here and adding your voice to the art, and the environment, that we all love.

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Julie, welcome to NPN. Glad you have joined us. Looking forward to seeing more of your great images as well as your critiques.

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Thank you so much!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

Welcome to NPN Julie! So glad to have you here! We welcome both your experience and participation in the forums and galleries! Jump right in!