All the Grand Ladies

Grand Tetons Mountain Range seen from the east side of Jenny Lake

Specific Feedback Requested

Too dark?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D850, f/11, 24-120 @ 24 (with some cropping), ISO 200, 1/250

50/50 ACR/PS with a darks and a lights mask, curve adj on both masks.

Chris, this is a good looking pano of the Tetons across Jenny Lake. Your high contrast treatment works well. A number of the ridges have a small, bright halo, which is an artifact of the processing and not likely to be noticed by many.

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The pano is a nice idea but for my taste the “micro-contrast” on the mountains is too high. There is a halo on top of the mountains, most likely from pushing the contrast. It almost looks as though it was from a very small sensor, with not enough resolution to allow a smoother look.

Wouldn’t this be from the east side of the lake – looking west?

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This is not a Pano but a straight wide angle lens shot.

I think I put too much contrast in the darks mask, thus creating the haloes. I’ll have to go back to the nef file to see if I pushed everything too hard in ACR. It is the east side looking west…dufuss me got turned around. It is not a pano.