American Kestrel and Some Goose

These little falcons (thanks @Keith_Bauer) frequent our nearby wildlife refuge and love to perch on human made signs. They’re usually pretty tolerant of us photogs driving by. This is the first time I have seen one on the cartoon sign though. Pretty funny.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

600mm, 1/500 sec @ f/8, ISO 1250


Ha! Nice catch. Maybe the kestrel wants to hitch a ride. You’ve caught its cuteness absolutely perfectly.

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WAY cute!! At first I thought it was a Photoshop job. Well seen and presented!

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I’m with Diane Miller on this one. I thought you had photoshopped the perch. Yes at this wildlife refuge, the kestrels love the signs. Probably more than half of my Kestrel shots were taken on one of the signs in this refuge.


Whew, I was afraid for a second that I was suffering from some sort of brain malfunction, definitely more than a senior moment!
Sure glad it was a false alarm! :smiley:

Nice looking Goose :smiley:

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What a cute shot. The thumbnail had me completely confused. Glad I opened it.

Kestrels aren’t hawks though, they are the smallest member of the Falcon family.


:grinning: This is great and really brought a smile to my face - I love it!


This is so cool, David. An awesome catch. I’ve always hoped one would land on that sign when I was there, but I’ve never had it happen. Great job and I like the crop.

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That’s really funny, David! It’s like he’s hanging out with his other bird friends. He came out really nice and sharp. Love all the details. Great catch!

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David, this is a way too cool shot of what I find to be a difficult subject (the falcon, not the sign) to photograph. I have found them to be skittish, but maybe in a park where they are used to people and cars they are more tolerant. Wonderful details in the falcon.

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@Kris_Smith, @Diane_Miller, @David_Schoen, @Merv, @Tom_Nevesely, @Dennis_Plank, @Vanessa_Hill, and @Shirley_Freeman thanks for the nice comments. It was sure a fun moment to catch this little one. And I very much appreciate the EP.