At Home on the Range

Hiking with the dogs on Thompson Pass, Alaska on a beautiful summer day (an older image but very dear memories as none of these dogs are with us today).

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

In order to capture the expanse of the scene I shot multiple vertical photos and stitched them to make this panorama. It was shot with a Sony DSC-R1 camera. The old version of AutoPano Pro that I used to stitch this didn’t capture the EXIF data so the specs aren’t readily available.

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A gorgeous scene, Gary. For some reason, I really like the mushroom in the lower left. It kind of sets the grandeur of the scene in perspective.

Gary, this view shows much much better large. It’s a lovely scene with the dogs in the foreground and the highway sweeping across and into the distance. Looks like awesome country to go roaming in.