Auto Focus Bracketing

I’m looking to upgrade from my Nikon D7100, and am looking really hard at full-frame mirrorless. Since I end up blending a lot for depth-of-field, focus bracketing seems like a great feature to have. For those of you with cameras that will bracket focus, how do you like it? Am I correct that the Nikon Z6 has this, but the Sony A7iii doesn’t??

John. I can’t seem to find the right place on the Sony website right now, but they treat their camera operating systems like tablet computers and they have after market apps for them. I think I remember focus stacking being one that’s available for my A6500, so it may well be available for the A7iii. The apps are free or cheap (around $5-$10). If you check an A7iii forum, I’m sure they can tell you.

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FYI they removed apps from the A7iii series, you can still get them for the A7ii series, but I wouldn’t count on the apps being around forever. Not sure why they did this…

I use focus bracketing on my X-T3 all the time and love it. I could live without the feature, but it sure is nice to have. Sometimes I will just leave it on and even when I think I have enough depth of field, the camera takes extra shots and later I realize I did need them.

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Thanks for that update, David. Hopefully, they’re just putting the functionality in the camera with firmware updates, but it does seem strange.

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Thanks Dennis and David! I really appreciate the feedback. I’m glad to hear you use yours a lot David; I suspect I would do the same if it was an option.

I also have used focus bracketing with my X-T3 and generally like the results… I will either use Helicon Focus or PS for the end result. I’ve had instances, however, where I didn’t think the camera continued out far enough. Would you mind letting me know how you set the # of frames, and steps? I use 0 for interval and it looks like the last settings were 15 for frames and 4 for steps.