Autumn Leaf on Lake

Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF 100-400
1/80 s, f 7.1, ISO 640, Hand held. No crop.

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any


Hello Marc

I love the play of colours and almost yin yang effect of light and shadow. A very tranquil image which I woul find difficult to improve on.

Grt, Ingrid.

I like the dark autumn color with the light on the leaf and the outline around it where it is floating. It’s very striking.

Marc: I really like the color palette and the water tension around the leaf. My only compositional suggestion would be to crop some of the dark area on the right to decrease its prominence and to also get the leaf out of the center of the frame. Good find and a fine capture. >=))>

Hi Bill. Were you thinking something more like this? (Which I like too) I do

n’t have too much space to work with since the original wasn’t cropped at all.

Marc, the colors in the water around this leaf are excellent. I also like the mix of dark and lighter in the surrounding water. Moving the leaf off center adds a nice touch of drama although your repost may be a bit too much…never satisfied… :grin:

Marc: Like Mark I think this might be a bit too aggressive but I do think its an improvement over the original. I like that the color of the water around the leaf is much more prominent in this presentation, :+1: :+1: