Autumn Road

This is my first entry into the weekly challenge. When I was thinking about a jig-saw puzzle (sad to think how long it’s been since I completed one), I thought this would be a good candidate.

Taken 2 years back during a fall retreat with my local photo club.

What technical / artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any feedback appreciated

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D90 (APS-C) 40mm • 1/60 • ƒ 8 • iso 400

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#ig @chrisnoronhaphoto

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Chris welcome to the Weekly Challenge! I think this a terrific and more practical jigsaw challenge. Yeah, I haven’t done a puzzle in years either - but I know with this one, the gravel road would be the first thing to work on - after the border pieces of course. Then it becomes a little more challenging as you get in to the autumn colors and leaves…

A lovely lead-in composition autumn image. Thanks for joining in!


Chris: Ditto what Lon said. Makes me want to wander down that road and see what’s at the end. Nicely done.>=))>

Chris, glad you chimed in. This is a lovely, inviting fall view along this roadway. The colors in the trees and in the fallen leaves are nice and warm. I especially like the touch of road in the far distance heading left and up. That adds nicely to the invitation to go exploring.

Real good entry for the puzzle. This would be a little easier than some posts but areas would still present a heck of a challenge.