Back with the Damesl

The advantage of shooting from your garden is, that you can have near studio effect.
Damsel on a flower…

6D2, 70 -200, extn Raynox 250, F22, diffused light

Balan Vinod

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome

Technical Details


What a great capture, Balan! Perfect backdrop and how can you not just love those eyes! The pattern you’ve gotten in his eyes is outstanding.

I like this a lot @Balan_Vinod, great capture. I agree with everything @linda_mellor said. Wonderful use of negative space. I get the sense this little character is coming on stage for their big debut :slight_smile:

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Balan, what a great “in your face” shot of this little damselfly! The color contrast between the flower and the damselfly with just enough of the yellows in the flower to compliment the subject is a real plus. Those eyes are really giving you the stare. The upper look of him looking down on you is really icing on the cake for me. Great details and a great shot!

All said above – just adding my 100 points! Gorgeous color and detail!!

Hi Balan, very nicely done with the red in the background perfectly placed to offer a great backdrop for the damsel. Wonderful details too.

Wow! Great capture Balan! The colours and those hypnotic eyes. Striking against the dark background.

Balan, the sharpness of the damsel is great and your placement with the big red oof wedge behind it is outstanding.