Ok I just picked up used Bogen 3001 tripod, (goodwill 7.99) has a 3025 head on it, what would be a good reasonable price ball head for it,
Putting a Canon 7D and my biggest lens is a Tokina 70-200 f2.8 on it.

What’s a reasonable price to you? That’s a word that can stretch if you know what I mean. Personally I have a Really Right Stuff head that I love and swap between tripods, but isn’t a piece of bargain kit for sure. It’s beautiful though and works flawlessly every time.

Really Right Stuff ball heads come in several sizes. The medium size would work well but if you plan to get 300 or larger prime, you may wish to consider the larger one.

I have a couple but if I was only using one setup like you stated then a strong enough one to make easy simple moves will be best. As Kristen stated RRS is very good. I went with Sirui because cost was lower. What I feel is important is quick release, a tension adjustment for the ball part that moves and the cost of quick release plates for the camera and lenses. I brought my camera gear to a camera store whenever I could so I could try and see how it works.

thanks for the reply the RRS is a bit out of my price range, I understand buying the best tools for a job, worked in the trades for 40 years, but this is for fun and to get me out of the house, so I need to find myself something a little cheaper.

Having a budget to “work with” would make this easier, and bad ballheads really detract from the experience, but if RRS and similar priced ballheads are out of range price-wise I suggest looking at Sirui and Leofoto heads. Very good for their price

Buying a used “premium” head is probably your best bang for the buck option, and I would second previous posters - get one with separate pan and friction controls. Will make your life much easier in the long run.

Happy head hunting…

what I ending up getting was a 75 dollar imported ballhead. not the best option but one that I could afford, holds my camera and largest lens and that what counts for me and it should hold up for my weekend trips into the field, at least that’s what I hope.
thank you all for your suggestions

Glad you found something…hope you have many happy sessions with it!

A little update on the ballhead, you get what you pay for, it got real tight real fast. Guess it doesn’t like the humidity in the mid-west, took it apart add some little washer to give the locking ring a little more room seemed to fix it, we will see.

Oh I’m sorry it’s not working out. That old bit of wisdom applies especially to photography gear. I’ve had my share of bad filters, tripods and bags.