Bat-eared Fox Kits

A spiritual companion to Avi’s owls, I suppose.

This was taken during our final day in the Serengeti on my very first Africa trip. It remained my only bat-eared fox sighting for some time (we were lucky to see them briefly in the Kalahari and on my next visit to Tanzania… and I hope to see them again in the coming weeks). How lucky to see an active den for my first sighting, but even better to get this kind of coordination.

Canon 40D
Canon 500mm
ISO 200



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Max, those ears definitely stand out. It is a near perfect pose with all three staring at something, (Based on their head angles, it wasn’t you…).

They are looking at my owls ready to pounce ,The 3 different poses great shot and the lighting is tops

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Excellent pose by all and excellent image of them! Very cute little guys.