Battle fatigue

November often has me tooling around back roads looking for abandonment, but when I saw this tree I had to stop. Not sure what kind it is, but it was so striking. There is a big herd of turkeys out of frame to the left (I know it’s flock, but herd is funnier) and a deep wet ditch right in front of me (cattails love them) so I couldn’t get into the field comfortably, but maybe if I ever find it again I can find a way.

Specific Feedback Requested

Processing ideas welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Lr for a 16:9 crop and quite a lot of exposure adjustment since I goofed and overexposed it. Sky mask to bring out some detail there using dehaze. Linear gradient to darken foreground and reduce the saturation there. A hint of blue in the sky with Color Grading for the highlights. Green channel luminance raised to bring up the evergreens a bit. Texture, clarity & colors massaged.


I like the view from here! The variability in the cattails, with more on the right, matches the slightly larger trees there, with the tree subtly framed.

Watch out for those turkeys…

Thanks @Diane_Miller - cattails are irresistible, but I didn’t want them to be too prominent here.

Funny you say that about turkeys. When we lived in NH we got the local free paper and there was a police blotter in there and we still laugh to this day about the report of marauding turkeys someone called about. They may have been rampaging. Hilarious on so many levels.