Beach/Oak forest

In winter, the open canopy works well for forest scenes, like this view of a mature Maryland Coastal Plain woodland. I find the mix of Beech trees (holding leaves until spring), a few evergreens and the ground covered with fallen leaves quietly inviting on a sunny day. (5D3, 24-105 F4 @ 29 mm, 1/5 s, f/16, iso 200, tripod and polarizer)

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Just beautiful, Mark ! I have a largely beech woodland not far from me which this reminds me of. The balance you’ve achieved between the carpet of dead leaves and the trunks springing up against the winter sky is perfect. The hues, too, are so nicely brought out in the strong sidelight.

Beech forests look so lovely, and so different from our California forests. Someday, I hope to see one in person. The colors and light in this are quite inviting. That fallen log leads us to the edge of the frame, and then the bright green moss around the center tree brings us back in.

One little thing that caught my eye is the bluish tinge around the small branches and twigs in the ULC. I don’t think it’s chromatic aberration; I see this all the time in my photos where small elements like twigs poke up into a light blue sky. I’ll sometimes get rid of it by desaturating the blues in the sky, if I don’t think the blue sky is adding much. It’s a minor point, though - this is lovely.

Beautiful, Mark. I’m not sure why, but this has more a feel of spring to me-possibly the green from the evergreens in the background lend it that feel. I need to start looking ahead at these challenges. By now it’s looking a lot more like spring than winter around here.

Mark: Wonderful color palette and play of light and shadows. The low sun angle helps give this the winter feel. Good vision, good image.>=))?