Bishop Creek Aspens

As of 2017, my first effort of showing an impression of “how it felt” as opposed to how it looked. There were too many leaves, and I wanted the trunks to star.

Made a layer of yellows and applied Gaussian blur.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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I like the way you processed this, Dick. It has a great feel and you found some absolutely wonderful Aspen trunks to photograph.

The twisty trunks and the golden leaves make a great subject. I immediately felt like the blurring looked strange as it was clearly “in front” of some of the leaves and branches. I think your idea is good, but it may need to be applied to nearly everything other than the trunks. BTW, the NPN guidelines are to only post one image in a particular gallery in a 24 hour period.

Thank you. I now see the one image per day requirement. Will
review guidelines more carefully today.

Along those lines, when the guidelines say “images must be
initially posted in the image critique categories in order to be
considered for the weekly picks” does that mean that an image must
have been previously entered into an “Image Critique” community
before it can be considered for a Weekly Challenge editor’s pick?

Dick Knudson

Since you immediately gave us the idea that this was impressionistic I am ok with the OOF areas that draw attention. This becomes more like a painting that a photograph. Pretty good concept that might need a little bit of fine tuning. The tree trunks definitely stand out and the yellows are quite nice.

Dick: I like what you’ve done here. My first impression was that this was shot with a slow shutter speed producing motion blur in the leaves while the trunks were relatively still. However you did it works for me.
With regard to your question regarding weekly pick eligibility, the language of the guidelines isn’t super clear but was originally aimed at folks posting in the showcase galleries. Images posted in the showcase galleries are not eligible for weekly picks. The Weekly Challenge is a stand alone gallery and you only have to post here. A weekly pick is chosen from the posts submitted during the consideration period which extends from Sunday through Saturday. Great to have you aboard and looking forward to more.>=))>