Bison in Fog

I have taken a fair number of minimalist shots in Yellowstone over the years, particularly snowy shots since they provide such a stark canvas. I opted to share this one, however, as it’s a bit different from my normal fare. The fog was burning off on a cold morning in the park interior, revealing this bison herd. It appealed to me simply from the standpoint of the different lines/layers staggered across the image: foreground snow drifts, bison, fog, blue sky.

Canon 1DX
Canon 24-70mm
ISO 200


Max, this shows a cold Yellowstone morning very well. The bison provide a nice touch of color in an otherwise stark blue/white landscape. I’m enjoying the hints of fog rising into the blue sky.

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I love the square crop and the placement of the horizon. The big sky serves very well to show how expansive the scene is, while the rising mist adds subtle but important interest in it.

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