Black Cheek Lizard

Black cheek lizard (Calotes nigrilabris) is endemic to Sri Lanka and first I have spotted the lovely creature at Pattipola (close to Hortain plains national park). I love the habitat in which captured the lizard and therefore did not do editing other than resizing the original photo . But I will be grateful to hear experts feedback how I could further improve the capture.

Specific Feedback Requested

Need crtitical comments for further improvment

Technical Details

Canon 7 D Mark II with 100-400 mm canon lens. Aperture priority mode with aperture = 5.6, shutter speed = 1/640, ISO= 200. Focal length = 400 mm

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The greens stand out well. Most of the body is clearly seen. While it’s often felt that you should have the entire creature in the frame, I think that the oof leaves in front keep the cut off tail from being a distraction. All the brush in the frame tell the viewer about where these lizards hang out, which is different from a “clean” portrait. Some careful burning-in of the short bright stick behind it’s head would reduce that as a distraction.