Black swamp graves

I have photographed these swamp ponds from the air numerous times and every time I find new perspectives. Of course, the weather, time of day and season change things a lot.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Mavic 2 Pro + Nisi Landscape polarizer


This is such a cool shot! I guess you guys can call me the queen of crop because, I was thinking that maybe you could crop the trees on all the edges. Either way, I love it! I love the cloud reflection, the textures and the veins there.

Hi Jorma,

This is a very interesting scene! It looks like there are holes in the earth. I would just recommend you add a radial vignette to darken all of the edges so that the two lakes draw a little more attention. Nothing else besides that!

Your friend,

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I’ve been enjoying these and I think I have seen a few examples from yourself. This one is particularly interesting as to me the irregular black holes and drainage channels at first glance looks like its on a macro scale, like a sheet of fractured old rusty metal that has been eaten away surrounded by pin moulds or mosses.

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