Blood-brain barrier

Water is a natural environment for abstracts and this is one of my favorites. It’s looking straight down into a quiet bit of the Plover river here in Wisconsin. The river is a quite messy one and is challenging to shoot for landscapes. Slices and details abound though.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything to improve is welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld and processed in Lr for clarity and contrast. I think I played with the color sliders a bit as well.



Wonderful, Kris. The colors and patterns create lots of movement and energy. Nicely seen.

Very wonderful! Not easy to avoid a distracting element in shots like this! Lovely colors and tonalities!

Thanks much ladies. I put the camera in high-speed burst and tried to pick a decent one. It’s almost like trying to catch waves - just get a lot of frames and hope for the best.

Ripples in a shallow, clear stream do make fine abstracts, Kris. That big yellow/orange blob is a good change-of-pace and balances nicely with the brighter blob towards the upper left.

Cool - I love these kinds of abstracts.

And then it’s like Christmas when you get back and look through them!

Amazing photo!

How did you manage to capture a single instant of choppy, but clear water, over the rocks?

Love the shades of browns and greens! Beautifully seen!

Thanks everyone!

The balancing blobs is why I chose this one. It gives some focus and something semi-tangible for the brain to latch onto. Basically I was just on the riverbank with the camera pointing straight down. Because the water is clear and not very tannic, the rocks on the bottom are easily seen. I found a bit that was interesting and not full of distracting sticks and adjusted the exposure and shot on burst a time or two. Culled the shots in Lightroom and processed. It is a little like Christmas when you finally see them.