Blue hour at suburban lake

Last weekend, I went to a lake near where I stayed to catch the morning fog (that did not show up!). While waiting I took this picture during the blue hour. The orange dots are out of focus lampposts at the other side of the lake.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?



Very creative shot. The color combo also works well.

I love this photo. Very well seen and captured!

Great abstract! I think you made a fine image and I’m a huge fan of making the most of the conditions you’re given. The complimentary colors just pop and the branch is sculptural. It helps that the orange lights are very round.

If I have any critique it would be that the blue is a little too saturated for my tastes but it’s purely a personal preference.

Nice work!

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I really like this picture and it reproduces the described scene exactly.
Only the branches in the left image area bothered me a bit so I only made a very light crop. For my eyes, the great orange lights are more centered and balanced.
Best regards and congratulations on this great picture.

Very creative! The blue is fairly intense, but the feeling of the overall scene is rather surreal, so the colors work well for me. I do like Martin’s crop, getting rid of the stray branches on the left side.

@Michael_Lowe, @Tony_Siciliano, @Matt_Lancaster, @Martin9 and @Bonnie_Lampley thank you very much for your kind comments. Martin, I really like your improvement of the image.
Best Regards,

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