Blue skies and then some

I find I often take the blue sky for granted. Crazy but true given it is such a huge part of our visual beings. The sky blue is also a color that varies little, even with a rich sunset like this , that blue is undeniably blue! I had fun waiting about ten seconds for the airplane and vapor trail to get in a place of my liking. The sunset did it all on its own.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Pentax, 1/125, f/9.5, 300mm ISO200; adjustments in LR for brightness and contrast and, as is often the case with a blue sky, some cloning out of the darned dust spots that become obvious!


Wow, such intense colors, John. Well done. I might consider cropping out the gray line on the right side of the image…Great entry for the weekly challenge.

Yes, sorry the gray line is an artifact that should NOT be there!! My bad.

Very intriguing composition with the gray mist parting to reveal the very colorful sky!

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