Boulenger's Snouted Tree Frogs

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I recently wrapped up my latest Costa Rica tour. It was a lot of fun, as always, but even moreso this year because we had some tremendous macro photo opportunities. That’s something that has usually taken a back seat to general wildlife and birds on this tour, but this year we had a good combination of new locations and some incredible activity (from frogs especially, a nice surprise during the dry season) to kick things up a notch.

On a personal level, I found the experience particularly satisfying because I have never had a lot of success shooting macro. While I love the night walk experience in the jungle, I’ve always struggled with equipment, particularly when it comes to lighting. Over my past 4-5 Costa Rica trips, I’ve probably used 4-5 different lens and flash/diffuser combos… and have never been terribly satisfied with the results.

This year was different because I picked up a Cygnus Tech diffuser, and it helped give me much more consistent lighting without being too harsh. After the first few subjects, I felt a lot more confident in my odds of landing a higher keeper rate, and that ended up being the case.

Anyway, here’s some frog fun. Also, it’s important to note that all of the macro photos we took on this trip were “in situ,” with no manipulation of the subjects.

Canon R5
Canon RF 100mm macro
Canon 580EX flash w/Cygnus Tech macro diffuser
ISO 800


Max, what a neat experience that must have been to see these guys in the wild and have an opportunity to photography them. I think you did a fine job with the flash. That diffuser worked well. I know that taken in the wild, there was no way to move leaves or any unwanted items near the subject as you would have scared them off for sure. Not sure what is in the bottom right corner, but wondering if just darkening it would help. Just a thought. I kind of like the leaf and branch in the top right as it helps frame them in. You really got nice sharp details in the frogs. Nice shot.

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Not sure what is in the bottom right corner, but wondering if just darkening it would help.

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. :laughing: Yes, if I were into major dodging and burning in my color work, that would certainly be the way to go! Thanks, Shirley.

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What a great find. They aren’t shy are they?! :laughing: The light looks good and so the detail shows nicely. Funny how many treefrog species have flashes of color in their groins. Cool to see the difference between the greener female and the yellower male. Those noses are terrific. I wonder what function they serve v. regular frog noses.

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