Branches & Bonnets

A lone, bare tree in a field of Blue Bonnets (somewhere near Dallas, Texas).

Sony DSC-R1, 26.2 mm, ISO-160, f/14.0, 1/160, hand held.

The contrast between the foreground wildflowers and the background field separated by the diagonal is a wonderful setup for the well delineated lone tree. Well composed and well seen.

Gary, this really needs to be viewed large to appreciate the field of Blue Bonnets. The diagonal of the flowers, the bareness of the tree and the mostly blue sky work together very well.

Gary, this is a wonderful take on this barren tree. It alone would make an exceptional photo. But the bluebonnet carpet along with the clear blue sky places the isolation of the tree with some real focus on this view…:sunglasses:

Beautiful, Gary! This one really sings. Great elements and excellent composition. Most enjoyable viewing.

I like this a lot for all the reasons others have mentioned, Gary. A classic landscape. I do find the sky a bit too cyan.

Gary the lines are great - beautiful color - just fantastic
It really came together here.

Fantastic image Gary! Love the light/shadow play and the shadow line going directly to the tree. The lovely sky and field of flowers frame this all beautifully.

Only wish, a skosh more room up top to give the tree some room.