Bumble Bee Garden -updated

In Mesa Verde National Park we came across these flowers near the park view road and there were quite a few of these bees around. These bees were quite bright in a yellow color so I had to see what I could do with my camera. 90D 100-400 at 400mm iso 800 1/640 f/16. I could of used a tripod because whatever was in this flower the bees loved it. I took this in landscape mode but because of the vertical flower I cropped it so. Comments welcome. Late afternoon timeline

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Hi Dean, I think this is nicely composed and you did a good job on the yellow. I like the diagonal of the flower with the sharp bee on top. My only nit is to tone down the bright area in lower right corner.

Dean, I have missed seeing you lately, so am glad to see you back. I agree with Allen on the composition, as well as toning down that one bright spot. That is a really rich yellow on the bee. You did a fine job capturing it, and the background is nice and smooth, letting bee and the flower have all of the attention. Nicely done.

A very nice photo. Well composed and nice and sharp. Well done on the exposure on those bright yellows. The plant looks a bit like some sort of thistle but I am only guessing.

Thanks Shirley, my wife and I were traveling the southwest, so I am back now

Thanks for the comments, I did do a adjustment in the lower right which helped.

Glad to hear that you are fine, and that you got some traveling in. I think the repost works well.

Dean, it’s easy to see why the bee’s colors grabbed your attention. That hairy gold back and abdomen sure do stand out. Your comp. works very well.

Dean: Great to have you back and I hope your trip was fun and productive. Really good capture of this guy and the repost is a nice refinement. >=))>