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Busalephi, Zulu Warrior, naturalist, conservationist, safari guide, raconteur, great sense of humour. If you get him to guide you in the bush, you are in luck.
Hluhluwe, Thanda Private Game reserve, South Africa.

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This is an outstanding image with wonderful portrait, excellent use of black-and-white and leading lines into the natural background not really Street photography but Veldt photography. Really well done.

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I really like this portrait, Jaapv. As David noted, the leading line from the bar is really nice and I love the clouds in the background. Since there isn’t any fauna showing, I’m moving it to Non-nature.

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Beautiful print. Another crop option…all subjective.
So…did the the man make a sun visor from a animal tail?
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That is not a sun visor. It is an Induna headband, signifying high military rank and often royal descent.
AFAIK Busa is a descendant of King Shaka who dealt the British their worst military defeat of the 19th Century at Islwanda.
As for your crop I think it is OK, but I like the impression of space that matches his gaze. And the close crop destroys the lines.

Really fine portrait in context. The image tells a great story and looks great too. I like this one!

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