Canada Gosling w/Repost

Hopefully with better color:


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Many Canada and Cackling Geese winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Some have decided to stay here year round making us constantly watching for goose droppings…everywhere.

A Canada Goose pair recently welcomed 6 little goslings at a local park. I’ve visited several times over the last few weeks and have a collection of images of the little ones.

Specific Feedback

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

600mm, 1/1000s @ f/8, ISO 640.

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Hi David,

Very nice capture of this little gosling!
It looks pretty content and is certainly bright eyed and eager to discover the world. :slight_smile:

The composition and the angled pose is great!
DOF is just right in my opinion.

Yeah, those droppings can be real bomb shells at some of the parks around here too, it pays to wear rubber bottom boots and don’t even think about kneeling down for a low angle shot without carefully scanning the ground first. :roll_eyes:

I know you have a little difficulty with colors (green and yellow if I recall correctly?), this seems to have just a touch too much of a green cast in it.
I tried sliding the tint slider in ACR toward magenta to about +15 and that seemed to take care of it.

Either way, it’s a terrific shot! :slight_smile:

Lovely detail in the plumage, and as Merv said, perfect depth of field. I like your choice of image to present. It’s far enough along to be very distinctively a goose with that bill and the hint of the long neck to come. Great eye contact and low angle.

Nice portrait of this little guy, David. He is just cute. Getting down low really made this shot.

Hi David,
The details and downy look you captured here are really fine. The highlights on the plumage also add nicely to the image. A real cutie well captured.

Thank you @Merv, @Dennis_Plank, @Shirley_Freeman, and @Allen_Sparks for the kind comments.

Merv, thank you for the note on the color cast. I am personally very frustrated that my red/green color blindness affects my photography so much. I have tried everything I can think of to eliminate color casts automatically…Auto white balance, auto levels on each channel, fixed white balance settings with the tint at zero…I’ve even started having a second pair of eyes look at the image specifically for color casts prior to posting. Nothing seems to work…

I guess it’s time to go totally B&W…


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Hi David,

I can only imagine how frustrating it has to be! I remembered after I posted my comment that you have trouble with green and red, not green and yellow.

I wonder though, have you tried using a white card while out shooting?
I’ve used that method for weddings and some industrial photoshoots where the color accuracy was demanding, all I did was take a shot of a white card with the current lighting, then I would take another shot of the white card if the lighting changed and it worked really well for correcting white balance in post.

If you haven’t seen anything on this already, here’s a link to a YouTube video where they demonstrate that method.
Understanding White Balance | Mark Wallace

I hope this helps!
There’s also some good videos on using a gray card for setting a custom white balance in the camera but I don’t have any links saved for those yet.
I prefer to shoot a white card as the light changes and just correct them in post, it’s easier than resetting a custom white balance in the camera whenever the light changes but that’s just my way.

BTW, the repost looks very good! :slight_smile:

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