Carolina Chickadee + Repost for Resolution

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A very common bird, but fun to practice your photography skills on as they are quick and flighty.

Specific Feedback

I think overall it’s a good photo with good details. Does the crop look okay? I must have 100 characters to complete this box so, how’re you doin’ today?

Technical Details


Terry, I like this image. He posed nicely for you and that BG just compliments him. I like the angle of the perch, and the position you have him in. The crop looks fine to me.

The crop looks good, Terry. I like the composition and the exposure is fine. I am puzzled at the low resolution of the image you posted. It’s listed as 792x614 pixels which is awfully small for today’s monitors.

Thanks for your comments @Shirley_Freeman.

Hmmm…don’t know how that happened @Dennis_Plank. I always post at 1500x1160. Well, I guess not always…I’ll repost.

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Hi Terry, the crop looks good to me. I also like the pose and background. As Dennis states, the image size is quite small so it’s hard to comment on the details - looks good at this size though.
How are you liking the R7?

Hey, @Allen_Sparks . Sorry, don’t know how that happened. I reposted at higher resolution. I’m really liking the R7. As you might guess, it’s light years ahead of that old 60D, though I took a lot of photos with that old camera. The only beef I have with the R7 so far is the AF seems to sometimes have trouble locking on in low contrast situations. It doesn’t seem to be a matter of light intensity, but rather contrast. Or, maybe it’s operator error. I’ve only had it about six weeks, so I’m still in a learning/experimental mode.

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What a beautiful bird in great light!! I love the subtle coloration and you have a beyond-perfect perch and BG! I wonder if you have a tiny bit more canvas on the bottom, to give a little more room for the detail right at the bottom edge? I like the way the focus falls off there and the peeling bark on top of the branch.

Low contrast is a limit for any AF. I find it helps if I go from a single sensor to the one with 4 surrounding. Gives it more info to analyze. I think handholding can cause an added problem for AF in that very slight movements with a long lens can make the needed detail hard to analyze.

Nicely composed with a great BG and perch. Good detail in the chickadee. These newer cameras with eye focus capabilities are incredible; since you mentioned your AF, did you use the eye detect on this image?

Thanks @Diane_Miller. I had another go at the crop per your suggestion, shaving just a bit off the top and a tad off the left. (Yes, those are precise measurements.) I do like it better. I’ll post it, below. I’ll give the expanded AF points a try. My hesitation in doing that was the fear one of those points would grab a part of the bird - or something else - that would divert the focus from where I wanted it.

Thanks @Allen_Brooks. You are correct about these newer cameras. I didn’t mean to sound derogatory of the R7; I think it’s an exceptional camera - especially at the price point. And yes, I had eye detect turned on for this shot.

I like the second version but think it could be cropped a bit from the left. Wonderful in either version though!

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