I spent many hours as a child browsing through a particular book in my parents’ library – John Milton’s “Paradise Lost”. I hadn’t the least interest in the text (I was only seven or eight years old!) but was absolutely enthralled by the accompanying illustrations of French artist and lithographer Gustave Doré. I found the drama and exquisite detail riveting. When I downloaded this file as a RAW image, I felt it had a mythic quality that, for me, recalled those Doré images. In post I tried to give the image the sense of a lithograph in hopes of enhancing the mythic drama I was seeing in it. This picture certainly tells a story, though what it is precisely, I leave to the imagination of the reader.

Is this a composite: No

Dazzling physical detail and narrative obscurity in one image. I see the mystery of the cascade and above it a de-winged seraphim almost falling into the cascade.
Thanks for the introduction to Dore. As I see some of his Paradise Lost images, I see that he would not be adverse to vignetting some of the tree trunks to emphasize the cascade.

I thought it looked like a lithograph as well when I first saw it. From the small image I thought it was salmon spilling out of a cannery. I was introduced to Dore’s work at that age as well although I’m not sure it was a good thing. The devils with their wings captured my imagination and frightened me. They left an impression for years to come.

The feeling I get from the image is also not a very positive one. Disgorgement, with all it’s implications, is how this comes across. Personally, I like this sort of thing. I’ve been reading about the 5 or 7 main psychological reactions people have. As far as I’m concerned an image the elicits a response of any of them is to be admired. Apathy is the real enemy.

This is vaguely disturbing - evisceration comes to mind. Your processing treatment does give it the feeling of a lithograph and is well suited to the mood of the scene (or maybe it’s the processing that gives it a mood).

Kerry - I love this image because of all the graphic details, and find it fascinating seeing some of the reaction of others. The first thing that jumped out at me as I scanned to your image was a wood elf hiding in the leaves. The head and face is pretty much dead center. Strange I know, but I blame it on the lockdown and self isolation from society! :sweat_smile: Great shot and imagination - thanks for sharing.

I find this image to be somewhat unsettling and disturbing, and yet it is hard to look away from it too. It certainly creates an instant reaction in the viewer. I agree with @Bonnie_Lampley, it’s this lithograph type processing that creates the mood in this image. Such a forceful and thought provoking image Kerry, well done.

@Dick_Knudson, @Igor_Doncov, @Bonnie_Lampley, @Terrance_Alexander, @Ed_McGuirk - Thank you all for your feedback. I was a bit surprised to hear that many found the image disturbing. But, as Igor pointed out, more important that the image has an impact - far better it be “disturbing” than “nice” :thinking: And Dick, I think I will follow your advice and play with this a bit more to create a greater tonal difference between the tree trunks and the cascade.