Christmas Stopover

Image: Christmas Stopover

Description: Western Bluebirds come to my birdbath throughout fall and early winter in Southern California, but my shots of wild birds in a backyard water feature, however fun, didn’t feel very “wild.” A friend who specializes in bird photography said, just put a branch near the bath and they’ll come and stop there before drinking or bathing. That worked, and the idea to put some Christmas balls soon followed. This was my 2021 Christmas card.

Specific Feedback Requested: These birds really do have exquisite blue coloring – so much that even an unedited shot can look oversaturated. Here I emphasized the contrast between the lit bird and the dark background – perhaps too much for the deep blue to stay natural? Thanks all and happy holidays.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Handheld at 150MM, F5.6, ISO500, 1/320th, Olympus EM1 Mark II.


Getting the Bluebird on the stick with the colored balls does make a fine Christmas card. It’ll be hard to top that this year.

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Hi James,

This is really cool! :slight_smile:

I especially like how the upper body of the blue bird is twisted 90° to the left from it’s lower body, the tail, it’s left wing and left eye are all on the same side.
It’s almost like penguin stance.
Don’t get me wrong, I know these blue birds do that but it’s rare to get a photo of it like that, especially while sitting on a stack of Christmas Balls :smiley:

Well done, James!