Classic Minimalist Reeds

What technical feedback would you like if any? What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I have lots of mimimalistic reed photos, and I can never decide whether to post them, as it seems like it’s one of those things that’s been done to death. On the other hand, if I like it, what does it matter? Any comments welcome.


Bonnie: I remember some of your earlier reed shots and liked them all as well as this one. It’s another bit of a mind bender from you. Most excellent. >=))>

Yes, Bonnie, I tried a few of these during my walk on Sunday. Only to find out that getting a “clean” set of reeds is quite a challenge. The perfect clarity of the reflections emphasizes the symmetry very well. I could see “playing” with the placement of the subject in the frame, but do think that having them centered in a square frame works well.

Beautiful. And minimalist.

Beautiful, abstract and minimalist! Love it Bonnie.

Wow! Stunning simplicity.
Have you seen it rotated 90 degrees CCW?
Total nit, but I pick up a bright spot or two. One above leftmost reed. One above tip of fourth reed from right.
Art that inspires me to see more clearly. Thank you.

Beautiful, Bonnie. I love the simplicity. My initial reaction was to trim on the top and bottom, but as my eyes got used to the image, I started discerning subtle water patterns there that I find very intriguing.

Thank you, @Bill_Fach, @Mark_Seaver, @Harley_Goldman, @linda_mellor, @Dick_Knudson, and @Dennis_Plank.

Dick, I did see those little bright spots, and figured I’d just leave them. Considering the formality of this, though, I should get rid of them. I never considered rotating it, but it would look sort of trippy.

Dennis, I’m glad you noticed the subtle patterns of the submerged plants in the water. I did the b&w conversion so that they’d just barely show.

Uff Da! I now see that those bright spots are pieces of the underwater stems you subtly revealed elsewhere.

Lovely image Bonnie, I really enjoy it. I love the shapes made by the reeds and their reflections. I agree, if you enjoy it then it doesn’t really matter how many times it’s been done. Nothing for me to nitpick here.

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